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As always, your friendly school cafeteria staff is ready to serve you nutritious meals and snacks to keep you energized and ready to learn. Come enjoy our enticing menu choices at very affordable prices.

In anticipation of all the lunches to be enjoyed this school year, the EMSB’s Nutrition and Food Services are offering a convenient Pre-Paid Cafeteria Meal Card for your child(ren) to use in all EMSB High School cafeterias. This Meal Card allows students to avoid the need to carry money and shortens their wait time to enjoying a delicious and nutritious meal. A Meal Card is valid for 10 Meal Deals* at a discounted price!

*Meal Deal is a complete meal which includes: an entrée, vegetable, soup or dessert of the day & choice of milk, juice or water (330ml)

Cafeteria Menu & Price List

Nutrition & Food Services

Uploaded: 2021-01-19

Cafeteria Meal Card

Nutrition & Food Services

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Le Mini Bistro

Le Mini Bistro is the English Montreal School Board’s lunch catering service. Providing delicious meals to your child at school in just a few clicks, this flexible meal service makes planning lunches a little easier. Order pre-paid cafeteria meal cards right on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

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