Guidance Services

The Guidance Department is committed to helping students in their academic, social, and emotional development throughout their high school journey. 

During the counselling process, students are provided a safe space to express their concerns, gain self-awareness, and learn how to develop healthy coping strategies. The Guidance Counsellor encourages students to become independent learners and feel empowered in dealing with their issues.

Personal & Academic Counselling

Within a high school setting, a short-term counselling model is used in guiding students to get back on track. Short-term counselling focuses on situational problems such as anxiety, stress management, motivation, interpersonal challenges, academic struggles, and self-esteem that can be resolved within a short period of time. When students require specialized, intensive, or long-term therapy, appropriate referrals are then made.

Career Counselling

High school is an exciting time for career exploration and self-discovery. Guidance Counsellors help students make informed educational and career choices. Career counselling consists of discussing possible career/vocational opportunities, general program information, and possible career paths associated with their field of interest. In Grade 11 and 10, students are encouraged to be proactive during this process. They are asked to reflect on their values (i.e., goals, skills, family) and interests as well as independently research the landscape of post-secondary schools. The Guidance Counsellor also facilitates opportunities with special programs such as Hospital Opportunity for Students (HOPS) for Grade 11 only and Career Exploration Program (CAP) for Grades 10 and 11.



The Guidance Counsellor is an advocate for all students and promotes equal access to education. As such, this oversees learning ability, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, mobility, race, religion, and so on. As part of the mandate, the Counsellor may collaborate with teachers, administrators, other school division clinicians (i.e., School Social Worker, Psychologist, Nurse), and/or agencies external to the school system. The Guidance Counsellor may develop and implement programs based on the school climate and student needs. The Guidance Counsellor works closely with the school’s Resource Department in order to provide additional support to students who are undergoing academic difficulties

Counselling Appointments

Appointments are to be scheduled at the Guidance Office outside of class hours. Students must show their appointment slip when leaving and returning to class.

Guidance Counsellor Telephone E-mail Availability Website
Ms. Natasha Krsteski 514.481.2463 (4006) Monday to Friday