Guidance Services

The guidance counsellor works with students to help them to become successful in school and in life so that they can build the future that they want. Counselling allowes a person to better understand themselves so that they can tackle obstacles and difficulties more positively. Students often come talk to a guidance counsellor about a multitutde of personal issues. As such, the Guidance Department is equipped to provide a full range of personal, academic and career counselling services.

The guidance councellor is also an advocate for students. As part of the advocacy process, the counsellor may speak with parents, teachers, administrators, school division clinicians (such as a social worker or psychologist), or other agencies and experts outside of the school system to best serve all students who seek support.

Appointments may be made at the Guidance Office outside class hours. Students must show the appointment slip when leaving and returning to class.

Guidance Counsellor Telephone E-mail Availability
Ms. Catherine Roquet 514.481.2463 (4006) Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays