Extra-Curricular Programs and Activities

Clubs and Activities

Art club is an opportunity for students to come to the art room to paint, draw, and create! All students are welcome to join.

Implemented by Engineeius

Coding today may not always look like the routine programming of the past. It can be active, visual, engaging, and most importantly, fun! Educators agree that an early introduction to basic programming concepts can help children build problem solving and critical thinking skills. This set provides that very introduction, giving early learners a fun, real-world application of these essential 21st-century skills.

Key Learnings:

  1. Understand the process of building a game.
  2. Understand what is meant by sequential programming.
  3. Understand what is meant by game engine.
  4. Learn how to use conditional programming in making the game scenario.
  5. Learn how to modify in scenes lightening & sound system.
  6. Make a complete game with scoring system and all the main elements for a game.

Listen to the tunes you love from a device you designed!

Interested in designing your own unique pair of headphones? In this 8 week series of DesignLab, young makers will be introduced to the different disciplines of design iteration in order to design, prototype and build headphones from scratch! You'll learn from start to finish all about the iterative design process by building something you are excited about. A great introduction to the thought process behind product development, and the continuous cycle of a design process.

Students meet weekly after school to play this structured fantasy based, open ended role playing game.

Pencil to paper. Disconnect yourself from your tablets and cellphones and enjoy the simple pleasure of colouring. Relax while taking your time colouring mandalas and putting little life stressors aside.

Do you know how to play a musical instrument? The Music ECA is an opportunity for students to play as an ensemble after school and perform at several concerts throughout the school year

Royal Vale is home to some furry friends who are here to give our students the opportunity to experience the joy and love of pets. Animal care can be very rewarding therefore, we help promote the understanding, the benefits and joy of taking care of pets through education and interaction. Take care of one of our fur babies in school!

The RVS YouTube channel needs you! We are looking for committed students with or without experience to produce short, clear videos with an intended purpose. Using simple tools (like an iPad or smartphone) you can share your skills with the world. Specific topics will be discussed and approved, but can include school sporting events, student or staff interviews, tips to navigate the school day, interesting things happening at RVS, upcoming event promotion, etc,.

Crocheting and knitting are ways of dreaming, creating and smiling. Bring your yarn, hook and/or needles when people take a double look, you can proudly say; “I made it in every way!”

Sports Programs

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Indoor/Outdoor Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Touch Football
  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country Running
  • Golf
  • Halo Race
  • Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field

Fencing is one of the most beautiful sports available for learning at any age. It is a universal sport that develops speed, agility, endurance, strength, self-control, and ability to make quick decisions in situations of complex combat. This sport helps youth to develop their courage, self-confidence and coordination.

Royal Vale is fortunate to have an incredible indoor climbing facility that was finished in 2016. During gym classes and as an

extracurricular activity, students in elementary and high school can learn the basics of indoor rock climbing. They have the opportunity to practice belaying, knot techniques and climbing techniques on set climbing routes under the supervision of certified climbing instructors on staff at Royal Vale. It is an exciting time in the climbing community as climbing has been added to the upcoming Olympic Games and we offer our students the opportunity to understand the mental, physical and technical aspects of this challenging sport.

Students are asked to officiate and keep score of our GMAA basketball games during the Fall and Winter months.

School Volunteer Programs

What a wonderful place to offer your services than in your school library! This library is a place to foster student’s love for reading and to make sure that they can be provided with the resources that they need. You can actively participate to help keep your library tidy and organized and to assist our school librarian with some small tasks.

Big Brother Big Sisters West Island collaborate with Royal Vale to match volunteer mentors who are fifteen years or older with children (mentees) from elementary. Volunteers meet with their mentees for one hour per week throughout the school year to talk, play games and have fun.

Live, learn, discover, become a citizen of the world! We collaborate with Éducation Internationale to enroll students in an exchange program based on mutual sharing to allow students to live a cultural and linguistic immersion that is rich and unforgettable. Students will learn a new language by living in either France, Spain, Mexico or Germany! Students can go for either one month or three depending on the country of their choice and age/grade eligibility.

The Peer Tutoring Program is a program that matches students from high school with students from the elementary level or of a lower grade in High School. Student tutors are chosen based on their academic standing and achievement and are usually referred by their teachers. Tutors have the opportunity to strengthen their personal leadership and communication skills.

School Committees

The student life committee provides students with the opportunity to build leadership skills while promoting a positive school culture. Students can participate in any or all aspects of Student Life.


Students have the opportunity to voice their concerns, opinions, and what they would like to see in their school. Those that have demonstrated great dedication and have a strong voice will present upcoming projects to staff council, be student representatives on Governing Board or serve the English Montreal Student Association Committee.

Ambassadorial Duties

These include greeting students, animating and giving tours at grade 7 orientation activities, speaking at elementary schools to promote Royal Vale, giving tours and greeting parents at Open House or Parent Teacher Interviews etc.


Fundraising events are planned in order to collect funds for local or international causes such as food banks, The Heart and Stroke Foundation, The Cure, etc. Greater fundraising endeavours have included raising funds to put the RVS sign in front of the school, purchasing the school mascot, buying a huge banner and stage lights for the auditorium.

Students participate in all aspects of planning and organizing school events such as school-wide BBQ’s or field day, haunted houses, dances, tubing trips, selecting and booking motivational speakers, etc.

Student members assume a variety of responsibilities to help support graduation activities and events.

The yearbook committee is an association of students from all levels ( usually one student per homeroom) who meet on a regular basis ( 1 day per two cycles) in order to assist the yearbook editors in producing this year’s yearbook. Some of their tasks consist in choosing the colours associated with their homeroom classes, choosing their homeroom mascot, taking candid pictures of the students in their homeroom during different periods of the day (throughout the year), collecting artwork from their homeroom group and assisting the editors in any and all other tasks to ensure the success of this year’s yearbook.