Our Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

  • Develop within a French Immersion setting and an enriched math/science curriculum, students’ cognitive skills, communications skills and intellectual curiosity, enabling them to become effective, critical thinkers and creative individuals.
  • Provide a supportive atmosphere that encourages acceptance of, and respect for, others and oneself, democratic values and an understanding of the relationship of the individual, the school and the community
  • Prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s world through a challenging curriculum and extensive extra-curricular activities which provide our students the opportunity to assume leadership roles.


  • Cooperation and recognition for excellence
  • Lateral enrichment
  • Learning through manipulation, discovery, observation and experimentation
  • Learning to understand, develop, apply and communicate knowledge

Safe School Action Plan

The safe school action plan outlines the measures for preventing and responding to acts of bullying and violence in our school in accordance with the E.M.S.B. Safe Physical and Cyber Environment Policy and the Quebec Education Act, Q.E.A.

RVS Safe School Action Plan

2020-2021 School Year

Uploaded: 2020-06-30